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If you would like to provide us with a testimonial and photo with your Marsh Rat, please email the testimonial, your name, state, and photo(s) to mallardmarinecorporaton@gmail.com.

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Darryl Collins - Utah
"Marsh Rat,
I have completely enjoyed the ease and versatility of your water craft. The ability to hide this skiff and produce a quality hunt always amazes me. Keep up the great work! My hunting buddy, Logan, just loves his Marsh Rat. Thanks again."
- Darryl Collins - Utah
Charlie Cayton - Alabama
"I am sending you some photos of me and my Marsh Rat Magnum...I hunted out of it in Missouri rivers and fields, Arkansas rice fields, Alabama flooded timber and even Divers on the AL coast... My Marsh Rat Magnum did a great job."
- Charlie Cayton - Alabama
Erik Larsen - Utah
"Best boat ever! I use this thing for duck killing, bowfishing, flyfishing, musky hunting, and just relaxing out on the water. Only problem with this boat is that I can't seem to get any of these things done with people stopping me to take a look at my boat and ask me a million questions. It doesn't matter where I go but when I'm standing up in my boat putting around with my trolling motor I can hear people ask there friends "Is that a submarine?" Thank you Mallard Marine!"
- Erik Larsen - Utah
Todd - Washington
"I finally got my Magnum with the H20 blind dialed in. Both my oldest son and I have one now and we are knocking the ducks dead. I am finally at the level of duck hunting that a year ago I could only dream about as I watched the ducks from the shore. Now, we go to where they are and what a joy. I love how these boats are so stable...Thanks for the boat."
- Todd - Washington
Shane Dressel, Hunting Manager, Wholesale Sports, Salem, OR
"First off I'd like to say love the boat and the blind. I wanted you to see that I made a bracket for My Decoy Dancer Whipsplash pull string wing duck. It works awesome."
- Shane Dressel, Hunting Manager, Wholesale Sports, Salem, OR
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Mike Miller - Colorado
"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with my marsh rats boats. I first was interested before season started this year and believe I spoke to David from mallard Marine. He answered all my questions and I went on to buy 2 Marsh rats. I am impresed with the durability of these boats. The Marsh Rats have opened up another level of the game when it comes down to hunting waterfowl. Here are 2 Pictures of the boats in action in Colorado. Thanks,"
- Mike Miller - Colorado
Erik - Washington
"I picked up my Marsh Rat from Wholesale Sports last Monday. Today I took it out for the first trip and shot a mixed bag limit. I really love how stable the boat is and even without much brushing up, the birds did not bust me very often. Thanks for the great boat!"
- Erik - Washington
Chris H - Washington
"Great boat! We own one magnum and two regular ones (loaded into Weldcraft). They are stable and versatile. We hunt the mud flats and love them."
- Chris H - Washington
Mark Weitz - Solstice Outdoor
"I just want to write and tell you how happy I am with my new Marsh Rat. I bought it the last week of goose season and had a chance to try it out in the Columbia. It was very easy to row and very stable. As you can see my hunting companion liked the rat as well.

I am going to pick up another rat for my 2 legged hunting partners for next season. I can't wait for next fall. Thanks for a great product! "
- Mark Weitz - Solstice Outdoor
Phil C. - Ohio
"Here are pics of my 11-month old chocolate lab and myself on a hunt this past season! She had her first retrieves (5) on a big lake and did a great job, as did my Marsh Rat (Magnum) in the 1 foot whitecaps we had that day! This boat (Marsh Rat Magnum 2005 model) is incredible compared to a few other mfg's that I have tried (had a buddy sell his --xx--xx-- to buy a rat)...Thanks for making the best!"
- Phil C. - Ohio
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Brandon - Indiana
"Absolutely the best money I ever spent."
- Brandon - Indiana
Jake Childers - Washington
"Hunting Public Land in Washington. The Migrating Mallards are in! Thanks for the great product!"
- Jake Childers - Washington
Dave Smith, founder, Dave Smith Decoys
"I bought my first fiberglass Marsh Rat in 2001 and added a rotomolded Marsh Rat to my arsenal last Fall. I have tried at least 9 different marsh boats and have found the Marsh Rat to be the most effective. The Marsh Rat's portability has opened up areas to me that no one in a full-sized duck boat or even a larger sized marsh boat can get to. My favorite method is to paddle through cuts and get to tide flats that never get any hunting pressure and then use my Marsh Rat as a super low-profile laydown blind. The Marsh Rat is durable, stable, safe, and highly portable. It paddles or motors really well and hides perfectly. Thanks for making an awesome product!"
- Dave Smith, founder, Dave Smith Decoys
Paul Taylor - South Carolina
"Your boats are GREAT for float trips...They are very quiet, low profile, super stable...on this trip we saw owl, otters, muskrats and tons of other wildlife. I wish I had a better shot of my son, Zach, killing his first goose and mallard using your boat. He is probably one of the best little hunters...and absolutely LOVES his Marsh Rat! We used both Marsh Rats in S. Louisiana last season. They are shorter than a pirouge and paddle or pushpole great!"
- Paul Taylor - South Carolina
Bill Monroe, Outdoor Editor - The Oregonian
"I've used my Marsh Rat(s) for several years and own two, one fiberglass and one plastic...Love them both.

They tow beautifully, but I use mine more often in shallow swampy areas, both to transport decoys and reach tough-to-get places and for chasing down cripples. The plastic rat is superbly light to handle and can be dragged or carried over most portages. The heavier glass boat is sturdy and stable.

I especially appreciate the youth-friendly aspect of the Marsh Rat. I have no qualms whatsoever about turning my grandson loose in a rat (another reason I've got two) to explore, chase wounded birds and help pack gear. He's also hunted out of it with great success. The boat is so stable he can stand and paddle (if I'm in sight).

Hunting's future requires the participation of our youth and the Marsh Rat virtually insures their success and continued interest."
- Bill Monroe, Outdoor Editor - The Oregonian
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Pat Harrington - California
"Hi this is Pat Harrington. I work with James and am the owner of one of the 2 marshrats he just picked up...I just thought you would like this good picture I took on the last day of the season down here when we shot the hell out of ducks that nobody else could get to and hide from. It's not the highest quality picture because I took it on my cell phone but James said you would like to have it anyways."
- Pat Harrington - California
Marty Carollo - Wyoming
"Thanks for making a great hunting boat! I have two Marsh Rats and love hunting from them. They are versatile, sneaky and make me a better hunter than I am. I use mine in river hunts and use them to haul decoys and retrieve wounded birds. The Marsh Rats draw attention wherever I go. Here's a photo of my son in the Rat."
- Marty Carollo - Wyoming
Tim Adams - Washington
"After talking to you on the phone last week I was able to locate a boat in Federal way. They held the boat with no questions asked and I picked it up Wednesday night. Below is the end result. Thanks a lot for your time on the phone answering my questions...."
- Tim Adams - Washington
Ed Johnston - Oregon
"It was a pleasure meeting you at the show. As I told you...I have used a few different styles of layout boats over the past few years. I had a homemade Kara and also used a couple of other homemade boats...The Marsh Rat has been, by far, the most versatile and stable hunting boat I have used and is a tremendous value. I don't see myself parting ways with my "Rat" anytime soon. I hunt in conditions that will find me paddling against tides and currents and 10 mintues later dragging my boat across a mudflat or wet grassy island. The Marsh Rat is the only boat that has given me the versatility and confidence to hunt the way I want to hunt."
- Ed Johnston - Oregon
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