ducks on a Marsh Rat

The Marsh Rat
  • Lightweight – 68 lbs.
  • Stable – wide 43" beam
  • Towable – rides high and dry
  • Hideable – hides in low cover
  • Tough – made of durable polyethylene
  • Safe – meets U.S. Coast Guard regulations
  • Fast – moves quick/paddles easily
  • Versatile – use as a layout boat, marsh boat, field sled, decoy carrier, ground blind or as a back-up craft!

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The Marsh Rat

The Marsh Rat.
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Weight 68 lbs
Load Capacity 260 lbs
Length 9 feet 3 inches
Beam 43 inches
Cockpit Size 21 inches x 72 inches
Depth 14 inches
Draft 3 inches
Material Durable Polyethylene
Color Camouflage or Drab Olive Green

Marsh-Rat H2O Blind
(Available in: Max 4D, Mossy Oak Duck Blind, Natural Gear)
Marsh Rat Recliner Seats
(Available in drab olive)
Marsh Rat Paddles
(Available in drab olive)

Always wear a personal floatation device when operating a Marsh Rat.

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