The Marsh Rat Magnum

The Ultimate Layout Boat
The Marsh Rat™ Magnum was made for the waterfowler first and foremost! It's the boat for hauling the larger waterfowler and a day's gear. It has an open floor allowing a hunter to get down and wide cockpit for fast pull-ups. Made of durable hand-laid fiberglass this craft is fast on the water and amazingly stable. The Marsh Rat Magnum tracks wonderfully due to a main center keel and two smaller parallel keels at mid-ship. For longer transports it tows high and dry.

  • Fast – Paddles easy & fast
  • Power – Rated for 2 horsepower or less motor
  • Stable – Wide 44" beam
  • Hideable – Hides in low cover
  • Tough – Made of durable hand-laid fiberglass
  • Safe – Meets all U.S. Coast Guard regulation
  • Large – Fits big & tall hunters; max. weight cap. 304 lbs
  • Versatile – Use as a layout boat, marsh boat, field sled or decoy carrier!
  • Price $899!


The Marsh Rat Magnum
The Marsh Rat Magnum

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Marsh Rat Magnum - profile view Marsh Rat Magnum - looking inside
Design features include: a "catch ridge" along the deck, stainless steel bow eye, comfortable nylon handles, a flange edge along the sides to shed water spray and a drain plug!

The Marsh Rat Magnum is 9' 6" long, 44" wide and 14" in depth. The cockpit is 22" x 74". Draft is 2" empty. It's offered in two colors: Camouflage and Drab Olive Green. It has a maximum weight capacity of 304 lbs., maximum person capacity of 249 lbs., and is rated for a 2 horsepower or less motor. The boat is 78 lbs. light. The H2O blind will fit this boat.


Weight 78-80 lbs
Load Capacity 304 lbs
Motor Rated for 2 horsepower or less motor
Length 9' 6" long
Beam 44 inches
Cockpit Size 23 inches x 74 inches
Depth 14 inches
Draft 4 inches
Material Durable Fiberglass
Color Camouflage (OD green with black and tan) or Drab Olive Green



Marsh-Rat H2O Blind more... $239
Marsh Rat Recliner Seats more...
Available in drab olive
Marsh Rat Paddles more...
Available in drab olive

Always wear a personal floatation device when operating a Marsh Rat.
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