Marsh Rat Advantages
The Marsh Rat(tm) is the Ultimate Layout Boat and here's why...

Marsh Rat Advantages
Hideable The Marsh Rat, with or without the H20 Blind, is easy to hide. Toss grass or other vegetation on the decking and you're ready to see cupped wings.
Lightweight The Marsh Rat boat weighs only 68 pounds. It's easy to lift or load into vehicles & boats. It can be carried on the gunnels of a main boat.
Stable The Marsh Rat is very stable side to side, making it a safe boat. It's more stable than a kayak or canoe.
Durable The Marsh Rat is made of durable plastic (polyethylene) so it's very tough. It can take hard field use and suffer only minor scratches.
Safe The Marsh Rat is in compliance with all U.S. Coast Guard regulations.
Versatile The Marsh Rat can be used as a layout boat in open water, flooded fields or flooded timber. Use it to retrieve birds, make decoys changes or get a decoy floating away. Use it as a back-up boat that is easily paddled to find assistance.
Towable The Marsh Rat can be towed at low speeds by its bow eye.
Economical The Marsh Rat has a suggested retail price of $639!

Always wear a personal floatation device when operating a Marsh Rat.

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